Economic situation

        Rate of economic growth of Germany in 2543, representing 3.1 per cent due to global economic conditions this year are promising. Make Germany a country that exports the second largest. The world's economic growth has also increased. Except construction. Which remain relatively high rate of out of business in the year 2544 show that the construction sector in Germany has slowed steady. And demand by growing bovine. As well as demand from international slowdown conditions. Global economy and the terrorist attacks on the United States. The economic growth of Germany is reduced to only 0.6 per cent from the previous target of 3.0 percent is the lowest rate in the EU for the year 2545 the rate of economic growth equal to 0.2 per cent while. In the year 2546 is expected to equal 1.0 per cent economic growth in 2545 was reduced to 0.2 percent of consumer confidence cause reduced. Result in reduced consumption and investment also. Economic growth rate is the lowest rate since 2536 and the lowest in the EU. Growth continues to be a result of trade with foreign countries, however, primarily. Investment has decreased. In the machinery and equipment, which decreased to 8.4 per cent, although inflation decreased 1.3 percent, but may cause problems for deflation in 2546, economic institutions and economic analysts expect economic growth will be. 1 per cent of exports may be affected by the appreciating currency and the Euro. The Iraq war, the result of low economic growth in 2544 made a portion of the German budget deficit increased to nearly 4 percent of GDP nearly a maximum ceiling set in the Maastricht Treaty allows the European Commission have issued. Warning German official. German government was as difficult. Due to freeze rates for the budget deficit. While there is a need to spend to stimulate the economy further 1.32 billion euros to resolve unemployment. Under extreme pressure conditions of workers.