Policies and procedures in hiring alien workers.

Steps to hire alien of the Federation of the. 


     Operators in the Federation of the. Operator licenses hire alien self. The operator can submit a request to hire workers alien to the office workers. When a request has been approved. Operators must be filed on behalf for a work permit to migrants alien is. And operators will need to submit it to workers who are. To the request for visa type work. The filing of insurance consideration. The Embassy of the Federal ITD. Workers who are reside. When workers who are traveling into the Union the then operators need to be workers who are to obtain licenses to run. The old license work out for the first time will last for 1 year and conditions are restricted areas and jobs that are hiring. With documentation for tax and insurance. Later, when you are considering renewal next. License will last for 2 years with no restrictions area. And jobs. When the license expires again. Will be considered renew again for 2 years and after 2 years, the last (and time permit all 5 years), workers will receive a status permanent residence for professionals permanently following.