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Economic situation

      President of the Federation is head of state. Merchants and government includes ministers Eisler and various legislation that is responsible of The Boon Benz slug (Bundestag – the House of Representatives) consisting of 662 people and ministers are elected every 4 years national law. new is approved. The Wen-Benz Bora You (Bundesrag – Senate), consisting of representatives from 68 Federal government employees. 

     Germany comprises 16 federal Then the Baton – New Video Smart Bear a slow, Bavaria, Berlin, Brothers Dane tab that Mark, Bremen, Hamburg tab that Mark, Hess silly, Intermec K. singe tab. that Mark – Western Union, posted Grand Oasis Jr., Lower Saxony at Paxar Worldwide Lan, Saxony, Saxony – the Hal Management, Inc. Victoria Chel – Paul Stein and To print. Kia. 

     Although Germany is a global leader in the industry but also to combat the major problem since many countries are included. As well as unemployment increased. More than half of the population working in the service industry. Manufacturing industries. And remaining active in agriculture. And tourism industry to play an important role in providing services.