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Trends and opportunities of thai workers

   Opportunity for Thai workers.


     In addition to the economic situation and growing unemployment are not significant. Which the Federation. Not open to foreign workers to work. And especially the Federation has not bringing foreign workers into the country since November 2516, however in 2533 the Federal Government.

Exemptions for foreign workers coming to work in the country. The short-term employment contracts in the form of seasonal workers, guest workers, and project-links workers, which in this case. Most are migrants from Turkey and the EU new member states to travel to work. And allow skilled labors who identify as scientists and artists to work in this case. The Thai cooking can be.

To work in the Federation. Has the legal nature of the artists in addition, in 2543 the Federation.

To revise the law by allowing experts in the IT professional to take extra work for the Federation of Thai workers to opportunities to work in the Federation are summarized in the areas.



     Branch IT.


          Federation of the current shortage of IT professionals by open to foreign workers to do.

Work in the field, particularly computer science, IT-system developer, internet and network specialists, software programmer and developers of circuits and multimedia specialist in each state in the federation. Needs experts in different fields and in many different states in the Nordrheinwestfalen, Bayern and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Demanding computer scientist and IT-system electrician relatively high.

          Deutsche Welle reports from the October 2547 month, according to the foreigners Green Card and receive 17,177 people mostly Indians. One in four. Followed by native Poland, Romania, Russia and China. The foreigners have been about 12,000 Green Card have long-term employment contracts with companies in the Federation. The rest was short-term employment contracts of approximately 1 – 3 months, however, foreigners are Green Card is less than the government expected is approximately 20,000 (within 5 years), but that does not comply. goal of German demand is low. Because the economic situation.


     The Thai massage.


       Overview Spa business in the Federation.

          Report of the Office of International Trade in Berlin, indicating that the Federation is currently in place and Wellness Spa type services including massage, which is one type of service in place for patients who need rehabilitation treatment, more than 1,300 are provided. services widely across the country each year and revenues are approximately 3 billion euros, the Federation has a population more than 82 million people each year have to be patient and patient rehabilitation treatment in a number of more than 1 million people. Use of this type is that almost all health related expenses that health insurance offices will be issued to all. A little out charges against one another, which is a good income as high costs on average are priced from 30 to 50 euros per session and the amount or type of service include.

(1) as a massage or some.

(2) a mineral steam bath.

(3) Standard and gymnastics in the water.

(4,) to mask the mask.

(5), acupuncture and massage are widely used in the Federal massage oil that doctors use a Aryurveda Chinese and Thai.


        Business opportunities in the Thai massage.

            Thai massage business is business potential. The traditional Thai massage is well known that the Germans had arrived in Thailand tourism. And today this type of service in the Federation and then some, especially the major cities. The site owner has both Thai and services, foreign service, however, Thailand is not accepted by the Federal authorities. Particularly from various professional associations.

This is evident that the Thai massage is a therapeutic manner. Should be determined under the operator education standards must be set to the Thai people have some reside in the Federation. And the ability to massage. Massage salon as a home not disclosed. The revenue fall time of approximately 30 euros in the establishment of workplace wellness and the spa with a Thai massage with it. Can. If professionals are visa and license professionals. And to negotiate agreements with professional associations of the Federation to agree that Thai massage is not directly therapeutic. But a massage to relax.


         Service latency.

             Is good to know that. Licensing work in the Federation is also difficulty. Specifically requested to work as a Thai massage service. Since no official interpretation of the Federation.

And to work to traditional massage in the case of artists such as Thai cooking. And even obtain a visa for a teacher to teach Thai massage. It is also difficult also. Can not deny that fact. Several years ago. Even with the School of Thai Massage in the Federation. And the establishment of the Thai massage, many. Which must release the location of their services. No sex is. There is also the location of Thai massage, many. Which provides a private (not listed for trading) may be sex workers in the occult also several newspapers and magazines also have ads. To sex. Based on the name of Thai massage, and that advertising in the form of Erotic Thai Massage with which most of the services. Not to the federation. The work aims to provide Thai massage directly. It is the entry by marriage. The service providers will have residence permit and work permit laws.


     Thai restaurant.


        Thai restaurant business situations.

              People interested in operating a restaurant in Thailand rather by the Federation in the Federation. Thailand has nearly 600 restaurants and stores located in major cities such as Berlin, Munich City City Bruce Abraham, etc. However, a majority of restaurants. Experiencing shortage of resources, low interest loans. For the expansion. And economic conditions of the Federation. Which also is in recovery. Price and high transportation costs. Which affect operating costs.

              According to the Ministry of Labor indicated that the Thai workers to work in a Thai cooking Federation has approximately 5000 employees by wage for the position of Thai cooking from Thailand is around 60,000 baht per month (maximum) by the Federal Government. the. To work out visa category for up to 4 years if work matured in the Federation shall depart from the Union immediately, however the Federal Government. Allow Thai restaurant. Import Thai workers only as operators Thai food only. The rate of no more than 2-5 people based on income per person per sale. And Thai workers to work must be tested every Skill Standards.


        Skill testing standards.

                Thai workers to work as the Federation of Thai cooking. Must be tested Skill Standards. The place to test skills of Thai cooking recruitment office for the German Hotel and Restaurant (ZIHOGA) are accepted.



Herr Marco Brüschweiler.

21 / 848 Moo 12, Soi 4 Bangna-Trad Road 2.

Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Tel / Fax: 0066-2-749 39 33.



DUSIT THANI COLLEGE Dusit Thani College.

902 Moo 6 Srinakarin Road Secon Inc. เเ c that’s.

Bang Bon, Bangkok 10260 Prawet.

Tel: 0066-2 -61 7 805 Fax: 0066-2-361 7 811 to 3.



RAJABAT INSTITUTE SUAN DUSIT Rajabhat Institute Suan Dusit.

295 Ratchasima Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300.

Tel: 0066-2-668 7450 to 9 per 1161, 1171.

Fax: 0066-2-243 5779.



       Step exports of Thai cooking.

            The documents published on the site of the Thai Restaurant Association in the Federal Republic of Germany indicated that the Ministry of Labor has information availability and processing involved in manufacturing. Export of Thai and international cooking. This is the responsibility of the Department of Employment and the Department of Skill Development as follows.

              – Delivery Thai cook to work abroad. Thai cooking to a minimum charge. Travel to work abroad. Department of Employment up by center employees find jobs. And distribution of Thai workers to work abroad by providing state has selected and sent people to find jobs working with foreign employers. By asking the employer wishes. Thai Kitchen to hire people. A letter requesting the Department of Employment. Thai workers or agencies. Based in the domicile of the employer. If no such agency Thai workers. To submit to the Embassy. Or Consulate-General. The country. With the following documents.


                        A) proxy to represent the Department of Employment and delivery people to find jobs to work abroad (Power of Attorney).

                        B) Letter of Intent needs to hire people for work in various positions. And the amount of wages to employment conditions. The location of the type or nature of wage and working hours. Time employment. And other benefits. The employee will receive (Demand Letter).

                        C) Certificate of registration of corporate employer (if any) (Company Registration Documentation).

                        D) Contract with details about the conditions of employment. (2) (Employment Contract).

                        E) document the nation’s employers. Allowed to hire foreign workers. To go to work in that country (Document granting permission for the Thai Workers to work in the country).


              – To enhance the skill development of the Thai cook. Department of Employment will be coordinator. And call those who register in person for the registration center. To take the training. To enhance the skills of Thai cook. Department of Skill Development or other agencies that will be held.

             – The training. Skill standards and testing. The Department of Skill Development. Details are as follows.

                     A. Skill Test. In the Thai cooking. For Thai cooking. Skilled and experienced in running. To go to work abroad. The split test. Skill level 3 standards as is.

                                  Level 1 assistant chef kitchen parent.

                                  A 2 chef kitchen parent.

                                  Level 3 mothers kitchen chef.


                     B. The training of Thai cooking. The Department of Skill Development and Skill Development Center of the Provincial Department of Skill Development. Which include training, Thai food as follows.

                                  (1) provide training to work. For those who have no skills, crafts (2) enhanced skills training for skilled and skilled based. Courses can be arranged as appropriate. For target groups. And needs of the employer is only interested parties. For more information contact at. Department of Employment Tel. And Fax: 02 to 245 18 31 Department of Skill Development Tel. 02-245 -57 85 Fax: 02 to 248 36 71.