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Problems affecting thai labor


        Obstacles of Thai workers.


     Problems and obstacles of Thai workers in the Federation include.


1. Language.

               Federation of the German language used in communications. Although the Germans will have good English. But in the workplace, most still use the German language is the main result, if workers do not know German. Will work and live with the inconvenience. Particularly in the Federation now has the ability to issue in the German language as a condition of receiving foreign or working to renew work with people overseas.


2. Tax rate and cost of living.

               Who work the Federation. Must pay income tax and cost benefits, rather the current income tax rate in the Federation. Equal to 16 per cent and also have other deductions such as social welfare costs and health insurance. When the charge was. Remaining income will not be much. It also must pay the other living expenses such as rental homes for food, etc., which are very expensive. Especially after the currency change to Euro currency.


3. The impact of labor migration policies of the European Union.

                From 1 January 2550 on the European Union has expanded the number of members is an additional 2 countries.

Romania, which has a population 22.3 million, and Bulgaria, which has a population of 7.3 million people, which previously was held on 1 November 2547 the EU has expanded membership was increased to 10 countries including the Republic of shaken Estonia, Hungary, LEDs and Xavier. ย Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia that Kia Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus, which has members from the original 15 countries including English, French, German, Italian, Danish Lakesmebarsk Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, making the EU a total of 27 member countries.

                Principles of population in EU 27 countries of 450 million eligible to enter the members live and work in any EU country. Without a work permit (but must adhere to the agreement transitional arrangements) and must receive treatment in employment. Social welfare and tax benefits equal to the population of that country. To bring family members to visit with residents. Irrespective of the nationality of the family members. And must be mutually acceptable professional qualification (mutual recognition of professional qualifications) as well as travel to – out freely in all 27 European Union member countries.

                We have members that currently granted to citizens of new countries to go into work now free from November 1, 2547, including Ireland and the UK, while the Federation. And adjacent to the border with Austria, the new member countries and faced with the problem of stealth into the city from these citizens from many countries each year. Set time is not right to go into work to free the maximum number of 7 years.

                 However, the 15 EU member countries promised to increase rights for new members to reach their country’s labor market. And if a vacancy in the Union.

15 European countries will give priority to the populations of member countries before the new population from third countries. From a group of citizens from new member countries from Eastern European nations that are moving into the right to run free in the rich than the current member and have a higher income. These allow workers the opportunity to go running more. Advantage because it is not high wages as local people. So the chance of workers from other continents, especially the Thai workers to go work in Europe and the Federation is less than expected business in the EU 15 countries, many will shift some production to the new member countries. Because incentives in wage and corporate taxes in new member countries is lower than in EU countries was significant.