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Thai labor welfare


To protect Thai workers. 


     1. Overview of the protection of Thai workers. 

        Past Embassy at Berlin and Consulate-General at the City Frank Business Wire. Primary agency to protect workers in Thailand and Thai people who have problems in the federation. Ministry of Labor and Labor opened up regularly at the Embassy in Berlin since January 2549 onward for the next event. Problems in respect of Thai workers sent it to the Embassy. And the Consulate General. Each year there is not much. The major problems include (1) broker is to pretend to work and then not paid as agreed previously (2) is to procure work in the Federation by the tourist visa. Which is known to the people. Then be left, and (3) to obtain the money deducted from your monthly salary up to social welfare and retirement money back. Where to obtain the money back. Thai workers from the three car companies ask their health and social work as a member. For more detailed information from the website of Deutsche. Rentenversicherung Bund. 

       In the Federal Republic of Germany. Make all employees social insurance. The details and terms of insurance. Employers and employees to a friendly agreement in each case. Nature and terms of coverage of social insurance in Germany, no difference between local and foreign people, whether religious or race, any age. 

 The accident. And illnesses due to work as part of Social Security. The benefits will cover the case of accident or illness all. And actual results and rehabilitation to return to normal conditions. The people of the benefits include self-insured employees. And individuals in the family. 

              1. In the case died. Whether by accident or illness due to work. Will be a money making funeral costs 4,200 euros (3,540 euros for Germany, the former East Germany) if not interested in living near the cremation would be paid a fee to send the body to relatives or where to. to formalize. 

                          – Annuity spouse will receive 30% of income per year of death or 40% of income per year of death. If a spouse older than 45 years or spouse can not have professionals. Or have children to entertain. 

                          – Children up to age 18 years or 27 years in the case study. Annuity will receive 20% of income per year of death or 30% of annual income in case of death of father and mother both died. 

              2. In the case was due to work injury or illness. Will receive medical treatment costs and clinical physical therapy settings. 

              3. In the case was due to work injury or illness. And to maintain the room. Will receive sick pay. The timing and amount depends on each case. In some cases, will receive up to illness and life. And for foreign individuals who want to return to their home country will be sent to sick pay as well. 

             4. In the case was due to work injury or illness. And can not return to the same occupation. Will receive assistance to go back to work again. Such advice. Additional training expertise. Or recovery potential of the new work. This help section will have time to finish the training or rehabilitation. 

             5. The amount of medical costs will depend on the ability of the sink. 

Of duties. Annual revenue and number of previous accidents or illnesses. The decline of the ability to perform duties will be evaluated by physicians involved. 

             6. In the event that can not maintain themselves. Will receive grants to hire extra people care. In both parts of the body and help with housing. 

             7. Employees who have been social. No application or request to receive any benefits. Since all employees will be protected and the rights and benefits under the Basic Law.