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Education system. 

Currently, there are many students out of the approximately 12.6 million people in the teacher all about 780,000 people by the school education of more than 52,000 in Germany. 



Compulsory education from age 6 to 18 years including 12 years of compulsory education that all students need courses compulsory full-time at least 9 years (in some states 10 years) after the students can choose courses call. career or internship. This is not a full-time study. Private schools in Germany are a few of the professionals employed by religious teaching. 



Most schools are government schools. Free school tuition free. Books and school textbooks often have the students do not borrow to buy. If required the personal will to donate the parents are absent when a 6 year old students are enrolled in primary school education for 4 years after the completion of elementary education and then to the secondary level is divided into 4 categories. together. 



Secondary General School (Houptschule) a secondary school to study subjects commonly taught subjects that include mathematics, natural science sociology German foreign language (English) and professional courses introduce students at 6 years after students receive certificates to. Education is a gateway to the professional line. 



Intermediate School (Realschule) a school under the School Education Department provides basic general (Secondary General School) with a focus on academic secondary schools (Grammar School) courses often focus on. General Basic Courses. 6 years after the course is to pursue a diploma in higher levels such as vocational schools. Full-time study to approximately 40% of high school graduate will have this certificate. 



Grammar School (Gymnasium) is a 9-year secondary education is focused on academic learning. When students in grade levels 11 to 13 will learn how to share a select group of courses (Course) to highlight some of the competency areas in particular. Preparation for university education after the completion of grade 13 then. 



Comprehensive School (Gesamtshule) combines the learning of all 3 types of high schools together under one management. Students start learning from grade 5 to grade 10 and will begin to learn specific subjects in grade 7 level, certain subjects are divided into learning more than 11 levels depending on difficulty easy.