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How to come to work

People who work in Germany. Must submit documentation showing the different embassy. To the issuance of visas for stay in Germany longer than 90 days, which must get approval from the immigration office in Germany then. The Embassy will send a request to the immigration office responsible. Visa approval to offer the following. The process may take longer than 2 months or more. The Embassy will issue visas can only be answered when approved by the immigration office and then only. The results will inform visa to note is written to the embassy requesting certification of these documents are not forged document called a certificate. Without a translation in any way. It can be translated in Germany. Show and submit to the Office of Immigration in Germany. 1. One hole to work in Germany will be tested 2 of the Institute of Culinary Consultant (consultant to the Institute of Nutrition), the country’s Swiss Land and Rajabhat Institute Suan Dusit. 2.’ll Need a knowledge of English and German, besides the current German unemployment problem to 3,800,000 people, representing 9 percent of the total population in 2516 and last year (This was in 1973) German legislation suspend people. Foreigners working in the German exception – people who study or internship in Germany – people from countries in Eastern Europe. The limited quota each year 55,000 people – the people who work in Germany at the time the contract is limited and defined period, such as the exact language chef instructors, etc. – people who work on religion. Or shortage of academics (eg in IT) so it must be prepared in Thailand on Thai workers have the skills to promote knowledge of the language. This is essential. And the factors that are increasingly important to the decision of the German authorities approved a work permit.